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Article posté le 19 juillet, 2017 à 17:41 dans la catégorie : All news, Coups de Coeur, INTERVIEWS, News


“Sofia” by Maxim Baev.

Realisation Dasha Kolomeetc

The main idea for the story was to create the luminous, glowing, pure image of the Spring Goddess in all of her subtle glory. The visual inspiration was the legendary paintings “Birth of Venus” and “Spring” by Sandro Botticelli.

The focus was on creating a very radiant, flawless, slightly sun-kissed complexion with a natural warm shine. The soft silvery, rose gold, coral accents added the life of Nature to the look. The colors that come alive under the ray of the flashing light are symbolizing the colors of Nature blooming in the sun of the awaking Spring.


You can see the full story HERE









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